Working with Rick Belden ...

Here's what folks are saying about their experiences working with me.

John D. (USA)

Growing up without a father in the home, and a single mother with issues of her own, I came to Rick in need of understanding and processing both a father and a mother wound. As a result of our time together, Rick helped me to see that I was (as he described) fragmented and underwater. In that state I felt relegated and obligated (due to responsibilities and the expectations of others) to live out the rest of my life unhappy, irritable, and longing for more.

Through coaching sessions, I learned (among other things) to recognize and connect with different aspects of my personality ... those that were in need of being freed. In addition, Rick helped me to recognize that I do have options and choice, and the power to navigate my emotions in more responsible and healthy ways in the future, so as to more positively influence and experience my life, marriage, and parenting.

The money, time, and effort that I invested in the process have been well worth it. I have no reservations in wholeheartedly encouraging other men seeking hope and help to take advantage of Rick's life experience and expertise.

Christina E. (USA)

As a 45 year old woman in a 25 year relationship I felt invisible and deeply unhappy. I wanted to divorce my husband but I had been enmeshed with him for so long I didn't know how to even start thinking about myself as an individual. I was petrified to move forward in anything. I had no idea where to start.

My free discovery with Rick was absolutely amazing. He was gentle and patient and he never patronized me. We worked through some initial father issues that I had that were blocking me from realizing my potential to be able to have boundaries and independence from my husband. Rick asked questions that astounded me and made me see myself in a different way.

In just a few months I had completed my resume, stopped being a servant at home, and gotten my own job and my own bank account. It was huge for me, and it made me feel incredible.

I can't say enough about how great Rick was at helping me.  He changed my life. It was worth far more than I paid.

Michael C. (USA)

As all relationships are milestones for consciousness, my recent nine-week coaching with Rick Belden to work with and heal my Mother Wound is already a cornerstone work in my life.

I've been a coach for a good number of years, so when my last relationship triggered shadows along with shame and humiliation on the levels I had never experienced before, I came across Rick’s essay online, Men and the Mother Wound, and it really spoke to where I was.

From my first call with Rick I really felt like I was being guided through a healing process and a territory that I think very few coaches and counselors know as well as him.

Through the coaching, step by step, the bonds of my co-dependency have finally come off, and I am experiencing myself in a new way – as someone who matters more to himself and navigating the waters of relationships so much more freely now.

Matt T. (Singapore)

I was in a deep rut. A stagnant job, stagnant relationships, little happiness and hobbled by old, unresolved issues.

The work never fully ends, but Rick has been an invaluable guiding light and a genuine inspiration in helping me to help myself.

He sees things clearly and works with integrity and compassion.

If you're ready to put the effort in, look honestly inside yourself and at the roots of the obstacles in your life, I'm sure Rick can help you get where you need to be.

Jim D. (USA)

I have struggled with intense feelings of shame and self loathing since childhood. After the ending of a horrific marriage of forty years I was floundering in a sea of shame and confusion.

From the beginning Rick intuited things about me that I was unaware of, and gave me the resources to research those things. He helped me step outside myself to get a clearer picture of who I am. This helped me see many of the false perceptions that I have clung to for so long. This process helped me see some of the goodness in myself and be more accepting of who I am.

The homework assignments caused me to do some serious thinking and were very stimulating.

I can say that I am on a good path and feel hope and confidence that I can continue. My sessions with Rick have been a boon to me and I highly recommend his coaching.

Putte (Sweden)

Working and being guided by Rick Belden has been of paramount use for me in trying to connect the loose ends of my emotional life. Having an academic degree, owning two companies, and considered to be a "golden boy" by traditional external definitions has not in any way helped me to understand my emotional hang-ups, which result from childhood traumas related to parenting full of good intentions but sadly insufficient to make me mature and bloom as a grown man.

Rick has in a gentle, non-judgmental, and compassionate way guided me through his 90 day coaching package, making me believe that there is a meaning in most of what happens. His convincing and kind way to deal with my issues has made me realize that all true attempts to understand childhood traumas, regardless of kind and severity, are of greatest importance and crucial for emotional thriving.

Rick is a person with ripe emotional intelligence gained by dealing with his own struggles. I strongly recommend both men and women make use of his coaching service. The experience is well worth both the time and the money. His idea of the "Mother wound" is emotional dynamite.